What is This?

The Anxiety Diaries is a weekly online column focusing on issues related to anxiety. Its aim is cover wide range of topics from personal anxieties to global anxieties in an easy-to-read format. Claims made and information shared will always be backed up with thorough research and sources will always be provided. If you feel an article makes unfounded claims or shares false information, please feel free to kindly bring the issue to the attention of B. Elizabeth via a comment or through the Contact page.

Who’s Writing This Stuff?

B. Elizabeth is a young writer currently living in Southern California with her amazing husband, a grumpy old cat, and the best dog ever. She was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at the age of 16 and has been battling and learning about Anxiety ever since. At 25, B. is now finally at a place in her life where she feels to be more in control of her Anxiety than not, but getting to that place wasn’t easy. Ultimately, though, B. is so much more than her Anxiety; she is a wife, a student, a dog-mom, a home chef, a vegetarian, a yoga enthusiast, a pagan, and, above all, a happy weirdo.

She speaks from a place of personal experience and compassion and has two main goals with The Anxiety Diaries:

  • Help other anxious people to know that they’re not alone and to provide resources for those who are struggling.
  • Educate people on what it’s like to have an anxiety disorder and on the various things that can contribute to someone’s anxiety and ways in which anxiety can manifest.

B. is excited to share her journey and knowledge with you all and hopes that you are, too. You can find B. Elizabeth on Twitter @be_writes, and if you enjoy The Anxiety Diaries please don’t forget to give it a follow! 🙂